Altius Coordinates Maritime Transport of 195 ton Reactor



A 195 ton reactor measuring 28 x 5 x 4 meters, was unloaded at the port of Houston last September 14th.

The reactor had been loaded onto the ship Pijlgracht de Spliethoff at the port of Bilbao on the 12th of August.  Following a difficult voyage where, due to Hurricane Dorian, the ship was compelled to find shelter in Baltimore and Chesapeake for a week; it finally reached port on September 14th.

The above was just the maritime transportation of the most critical component for the Fulcrum Biomass Plant, which is being constructed by Abengoa in McCarren, Nevada.  There is still the last leg of the journey to be carried out, a long way by road (almost 2,000 miles/3,218 km) for said component to reach the Plant.