Altius manages the construction and loading of a harbour crane at the port of Bilbao

Altius Bilbao has been handling a highly complex project since 2016. The docks of the port of Bilbao have witnessed, for the past16 months, the assembly of a 106-meter long, 68-meter high, and 27-meter wide port crane on rails (STS) which weighs 1,280 tonnes. A great deal of engineering and precision was required for this project.

In January, once the construction was completed, the crane was loaded on board the BigLift vessel "Happy Star", in a delicate operation that required millimetric calculations. During the 12-hour long loading operation, our colleagues from Bilbao stayed on the dock to ensure the proper coordination of the loading and subsequent lashing.

To watch the video of the loading operation click on the following link:

For more information you can read the news article in Diario Marítimas: