Altius Transports a 150 ton Bulldozer to China

On this job, Altius arranged, organized, and supervised national transportation as well as port and loading operations for a Ro-Ro shipment of a 150-ton CAT6015B Bulldozer, which was shipped from supplier facilities in Spain to China.

Knowing the road limitations and how to carry out all port and loading operations, as well as a high level of service, enabled our Altius Ro-Ro team to carry out this shipment in a really short period of time, in addition to meeting our zero incidents objective.

The main unit measured 8.6 x 4.9 x 4.75 meters and weighed 90.6 tons. It was loaded using a modular trailer with a crossbar type configuration of 3+2+4. Due to height restrictions, the air filters and smokestacks were dismantled for road transportation, to be assembled again once they reached port so that the unit could be totally operative and ready for a fast Ro-Ro transshipment. The spare parts were loaded onto generic transportation and were shipped in a 13-meter trailer.

Thanks to having a team at Altius committed 100% to Ro-Ro projects, this shipment was pulled off without a hitch, easily and without incidents for either party.