Altius transports two 160 t transformers

Altius successfully delivered another shipment of transformers and accessories.

This time, cargo belongs to the Campos del Sol Project, currently under construction in Chile’s Atacama Region, and includes two transformers measuring 10.30 x 3.45 x 4.60 m (L x W x H) and weighing 160 t each, along with the usual set of accessories.

Altius Chile received the shipment under hook at Puerto Angamos and coordinated all logistic activities in a 550 km journey, crossing the barren territories of Northern Chile, until cargo was delivered on foundation at job site.

It is also worthy of mention the great job done by all the people involved, overcoming not only logistic challenges, but also the hard experiences we are all going through during current times of pandemic.

This new job is part of a strategic commitment that Altius Group engaged in during this year, in order to strengthen its added value services tailored to the Power Industry, in addition to the several projects it already executed for various customers, particulartly in the Latam area.




Transport of Two Heat Exchangers from Italy to Scotland

Altius organized and implemented the onshore and offshore shipment of two Heat Exchangers plus accessories from the OVS Vertova manufacturing plant in Northern Italy to the Ineos Refinery located in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Cargo consisted of two main units weighing 122 mtons each, over 22 metres long x 3.35 wide x 3.50 tall, transported from Vertova to Valdaro (Mantova) river port and then loaded onto barge due to the convoys’ weight and dimensions restrictions and hindrances which partially prevented oncarriage to the Marghera loadport.

The convoys’ enroute from Vertova to Mantova encountered several maneuvering difficulties on account of narrow and winding mountain roads due precisely to the total convoys’ length of over 30 metres.

Once cargo loaded by gantry crane onto barge at Valdaro, upon two days of river navigation reached Marghera where it was loaded by 2×150 mtons each ship’s gear onto m/v “Atlantic Dawn” to sail to Grangemouth, UK port of discharge.

Liner discharge and  oncarriage by a Scheuerle Kamag K25 trailer, a special semi-trailer used over the road and then as a self-propelled in order to position both exchangers to jobsite inside the Ineos Refinery in Grangemouth, was carried out promptly and smoothly to the satisfaction of all concerned parties.

Altius Transports a 150 ton Bulldozer to China

On this job, Altius arranged, organized and supervised national transportation as well as port and loading operations for a Ro-Ro shipment of a 150 ton CAT6015B Bulldozer, which was shipped from supplier facilities in Spain, to China.

Knowing the road limitations and how to carry out all port and loading operations, as well as a high level of service, enabled our Altius Ro-Ro team to carry out this shipment in a really short period of time, in addition to meeting our zero incidents objective.

The main unit measured 8.6 x 4.9 x 4.75 metres and weighed 90.6 tons. It was loaded using a modular trailer with a crossbar type configuration of 3+2+4. Due to height restrictions, the air filters and smokestacks were dismantled for road transportation, to be assembled again once they reached port, so that the unit could be totally operative and ready for a fast Ro-Ro transhipment. The spare parts were loaded onto generic transportation and were shipped in a 13 metre trailer.

Thanks to having a team at Altius committed 100% to Ro-Ro projects, this shipment was pulled off without a hitch, easily and without incidents for either party.

Transport from Rijeka port to Jebel Ali

Altius successfully carried out the transport of two 230 ton Transformers from Croatia to Jebel Ali.

Altius handled all logistics operations from the moment the cargo was delivered at port of departure (Rijeka port), including supervision, loading and sea transport to Jebel Ali.

Altius transports column cell

Altius carried out successfully and smoothly, transportation of a column cell weighing 10,900 kg from FOB Santos to job site in Mantos Blancos for the ball mill debottlenecking project.

Land transport from Madrid to Herford

On May 18th, Altius transported three tanks from Madrid (Spain) to Herford (Germany).

Said over-dimensioned tanks measured 12.05×4.83×3.84 meters and each weighed 18 tons.

Everyone working in the land transport department at Altius worked hard to achieve a very successful operation.

Transport from CFA Izmir-Aliaga to CFR Tema

Altius carried out transportation of four transformers plus accessories from CFA Izmir-Aliaga (Turkey) to Tema (Ghana) intended for a substation project at Pokuase.

Total dimensions of each unit were 9.9 x 3.4 x 4.65 meters ad each weighed 154 tons.

Altius took care of port handling, including supervision and coordination of all activities, and organized sea transportation to Tema port (Ghana).

Despite current circumstances, all operations were carried out smoothly.

Troncontin and Progreso Projects in Honduras

Altius recently carried out the transport of two, 90 ton each, transformers for the Troncontin and Progreso projects in Honduras.

Altius was responsible for the integrated logistics of both projects, from delivery of cargo to port of origin, including cargo supervision at origin, to sea transportation to Puerto Cortés in Honduras.

Transport from FCA Marina di Carrara to CFR Damman

Altius carried out the transport of a 103 ton centrifugal compressor, with dimensions 14.5 x 5.05 x 3.85 meters, from Italy (FCA Marina di Carrara) to Saudi Arabia (Damman) for the Ras Tanura project.

Altius arranged road transportation aswell from supplier’s premises, including all permit procedures, port handling, supervision of all activities and sea transportation to Damman port, including vessel agency in KSA.

Because of the Covid19 situation, intended performing vessel was not able to guarantee agreed loading dates. This cargo was critical for the project development, so Altius promptly arranged an alternative solution by using a different vessel and two 500 ton mobile cranes to safely discharge cargo in Damman.

Altius came through on time, actually even arriving earlier than expected, to the satisfaction of our client.

Altius Attends the SICAB Fair in Seville as Exhibitor for the First Time

Sicab foto 3

Marta Esteban and Pablo Roa


Altius attended for the first time one of the most significant events renowned in the equine world, namely the SICAB Fair, which was held last week in Seville.

At this Fair Altitus became known as a corporate group able to transport horses around the world without having to depend on intermediaries; including direct flights from Zaragoza to California, Mexico, Dubai, Japan, etc… Thus offering solutions to any destination in the safest and quickest way possible for the horses.

We can count on a team of professionals who are able to offer a door to door service.

The Fair has indeed been a total success as an opportunity to advertise this new service offered by Altius, and we hope to be back next year.

Photo: Marta Esteban and Pablo Roa next to the Qatar Airlines team.

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