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Altius Coordinates Maritime Transport of 195 ton Reactor



A 195 ton reactor measuring 28 x 5 x 4 meters, was unloaded at the port of Houston last September 14th.

The reactor had been loaded onto the ship Pijlgracht de Spliethoff at the port of Bilbao on the 12th of August.  Following a difficult voyage where, due to Hurricane Dorian, the ship was compelled to find shelter in Baltimore and Chesapeake for a week; it finally reached port on September 14th.

The above was just the maritime transportation of the most critical component for the Fulcrum Biomass Plant, which is being constructed by Abengoa in McCarren, Nevada.  There is still the last leg of the journey to be carried out, a long way by road (almost 2,000 miles/3,218 km) for said component to reach the Plant.


First Air Shipment of Horses from Zaragoza to Mexico

On Wednesday, July 24th, our first air shipment of horses from Zaragoza to Mexico was successfully carried out. The horses were taken by horse trailer from their quarantine location in Madrid, where they had spent one month, to Zaragoza airport.

Four hours later they arrived at the airport´s cargo area, where a horse stall container was placed in position to receive them.

horses mexico

Once the horses were safely in their stalls, they were given water to drink.

The stall container was moved to a warehouse, so the horses could be in the shade while the cargo plane was being loaded with other merchandise.

horses mexico 3

The horses boarded the plane just half an hour before take off, in order to avoid them being frightened or bothered by the noise. A professional groom accompanied them during the flight to make sure they were comfortable and calm and to provide them with food and water throughout the voyage.

horses mexico 4

The horses arrived in Mexico safe and sound. They cleared customs and the cargo was released so they could be unloaded and delivered to their new owners. 

horses mexico 6

New Shipment for Ras-Tanura Project

Ras tanura project

ALTIUS Madrid carried out a new shipment for Ras-Tanura project (KSA) from The Netherlands.

Due to their dimensions (up to 28.5 m of length and 6.15 m of height), it was not possible to transport the units by road,  therefore Altius arranged and organized  transport by barges from The Netherlands, across  the channel, to Antwerp port where the barges were berthed alongside the vessel for direct loading operations by vessel cranes, from barge to heavy lift vessel. Which departed from Antwerp (Belgium) to Jubail, in Saudi Arabia.

All operations were managed and coordinated by ALTIUS.

Ras Tanura project 2

Altius Offers New Regular Groupage Services to Argentina


Altius offers new and exclusive regular groupage services from Vigo to Puerto Madryn and to Puerto Deseado in Patagonia (Argentina).


Whereas up to now this route was only available to full container load (FCL) shipments; thanks to Altius it is possible, from now on, to ship spare parts, supplies and any other type of merchandise without the need to contract FCLs.


We have all the necessary tools, since we own premises and warehouses both in Vigo and in Argentina, and our Customs Service Department provides our customers with specialized services to facilitate customs procedures between Vigo and Patagonia.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Consolidating Altius RORO Department


The RORO department at Altius continues to grow thanks to our clients’ trust and to the quality services rendered. As a matter of fact, not only have our services increased concerning both our domestic and international clients, but we have also gained new ones, as we provide logistics solutions for both project cargo and RORO cargo, for either new or used equipment.

During this past year Altius transported more than 500 equipment units in this fashion, ranging from 16 T to 120 T, and involving a wide variety of cargo (diggers, bulldozers, dumper trucks and articulated dumpers, graders, road construction equipment, mobile cranes, buses, trucks, ambulances, etc.).

It has all been possible thanks to the great dedication of a specific department in charge of this type of cargo, as well as operational support and high stringency standards required of different suppliers, resulting in a high quality service provided to our clients at all times.

RORO 18 2 (1)

OEA Re-evaluation

With the implementation of the new Union Customs Code (CAU) of May 1st 2016, a re-evaluation of all existing Authorizations and Certificates became necessary. Among these evaluations is the OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate which is vital for us in performing our activity.

This re-evaluation demands higher standards, and the criteria to satisfy are stricter than in previous evaluations.

ALTIUS already holds this status since 2010, being one of the first companies to obtain it. On last May 14th 2019, the IRS notified us to inform us that we have successfully passed the re-evaluation process for the OEA Certificate. Thus now we are recognized as a trustworthy operator in the logistics chain, after 14 months of assessments and audits in all our premises.

Jose Dacosta, in charge of OEA at ALTIUS, declares that this re-evaluation was possible thanks to both the degree of involvement of our General Management, aware of how important it is for our company to hold said certificate, and of all our employees in each and every department in all our premises at ALTIUS.

Altius Shipment from Tarragona to Saudi Arabia


ALTIUS coordinated loading operations of an effluent exchanger (L x W x H: 20.28 x 5.51 x 5.46 m // 232 T) and remaining accessories for Ras-Tanura project. The equipment was transported at night, from shipper facilities to the port of Tarragona. Once at the dock, equipment was positioned alongside the vessel using a hydraulic trailer and the following day it was loaded on board using vessel’s cranes in tandem. The vessel successfully departed from Tarragona port (Spain) towards Jubail, Saudi Arabia (KSA). The whole operation (including local transportation in Tarragona, port operations and sea transport) was carried out by ALTIUS.

noticia tarragona 1noticia tarragona 2noticia tarragona 3

Altius Handles Construction and Loading of a Port Crane in Bilbao Port

Our Bilbao team has been handling a high complexity project since 2016. The docks at the port of Bilbao have witnessed, for the past 16 months, construction of a  106 meter long, 68 meter high and 27 meter wide port crane on rails (STS) which weighs 1,280 tons.  A great deal of engineering and precision was needed to carry out this project.

This current month of January, once construction was finished, the crane was loaded on board the Big Lift vessel “Happy Star”; a delicate operation that required precise calculations down to the last millimeter.  Our colleagues in Bilbao stayed by the dockside throughout the 12 hour long loading operation, to make sure there was  good coordination followed by secure lashing on board.

You may view the video of loading operations by clicking on the following link:

For more information you may read the news article in Diario Marítimas below:

Potosi Cement Plant Project

Altius forges ahead with Potosi Cement Plant Project logistics in Bolivia, for which they have been hired by Sacyr Industrial. The project began in January 2018, with the first shipment of containers.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-05 at 15.00.39 002

Besides container cargo, the onshore project cargo (8 shipments unloaded and delivered, and one shipment by sea in transit), which included assistance during unloading in Arica (Chile) and transportation to work site (where a person was sent expressly to handle receipt of documents and management of drivers for successful unloading operations), was also coordinated by Altius.

Up to now project progress can be summarized as follows:

  • Breakbulk cargo: 9 shipments/360 loads/3,650 tons/19,000 CBM
  • FCL cargo: 322 containers (619 TEUs)