Altius gets involved in a pro bono Project at «la Casa de los Maestros»

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Altius lent a hand in carrying out a beautiful project called «la Casa de los Maestros» (the Teachers´ House), a house in  Las Hurdes village (Caceres) devoted to helping eighteen year olds who leave their shelter houses and have nowhere to go.

The purpose of «la Casa de los Maestros», besides providing a home for homeless young people, is to train them and help them find their way in life. Many of the young people who leave shelter houses face an uncertain future, as they have little or no studies. Therefore, coordinators at the Teachers´ House are constantly searching for teachers and professionals who may guide and teach these young people new skills.

Altius contributed to this project by transporting 79 wooden beams to the area free of charge, since, being a humanitarian organization, they have limited financial resources.  These wooden beams will be used in providing electricity to the area, in the country side where the house is located.

Altius at the Fruit Attraction Fair 2018

As every year, we were present at the Fruit Attraction Fair in IFEMA, Madrid, with our Altius stand.

During the three-day Fair, which lasted from the 23rd to the 25th October, Altius sales reps and executives attended the event to visit clients´ stands and to carry out meetings in our own stand.

We are confident that many exciting new projects will come out of these meetings.

Conxemar Fair 2018


Conxemar Fair took place in Vigo, Spain, from October 2nd to the 4th and we were present with our own ALTIUS S.A. stand, as every year.

Fifteen of our sales representatives attended the Fair, including Office Managers, Department Heads and Sales Reps.

During the three-day Fair we engaged in 30 meetings, on average, with clients and suppliers and we visited 70 other stands, both from active clients and from potential new ones.

Hopefully those calls will bear fruit in the form of new projects!

Altius coordinates cargo transport from Belgium to Argentina

Altius coordinates loading of 3 turbines, 3 generators and auxiliary equipment of up to 90 tons in weight and 4.52 m in height, from Antwerp (Belgium) to Zarate (Argentina).

Loading operations entailed the use of MAFI trailers, as well as securing cargo on board the ship, which Altius carried out without a hitch thanks to the joint effort of its branches in Madrid and Buenos Aires.


Unloading of Sun Master Vessel Carrying Cargo for Potosi´s Cement Plant

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Potosi´s Cement Plant works continue.  Unloading of third breakbulk shipment was recently carried out at Arica Port in Chile.  An ALTIUS engineer was present to oversee operations, to guarantee they were carried out properly and to be able to inform client in full.

Cargo was labelled according to project´s code, and stowed at port in order to estimate a proper delivery schedule to Cement Plant.  Land transportation from Arica to Potosi (Bolivia) is set to begin the following week, the number of trucks involved being stipulated by the client (according to work site limitations).


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10th WCA Networking Logistics Fair

Altius played an active part in WCA´s 10th Annual Network Logistics Fair in Singapore. This year´s attendance record was shattered, with up to 4,500 visitors and coverage from 192 countries.

We had the opportunity to maintain 140 one-to-one meetings with leading agents and important clients, which led to a number of opportunities directly in our stand.  We were also able to identify our competitors and market´s inertia.

Altius offers high-quality services worldwide thanks to our agents.


Altius attends X2 International Logistics Fair

Altius attends the X2 Fair in Hua Hin (Thailand), for the second year in a row.

Altius has added this new network, to which it now belongs, mainly to its Cold Chain, Time Critical, Elite and Projects divisions at every branch in Spain and serveral branches in Latam.

Our colleagues Salvador Corrales, Projects General Manager; Emilie Lienard, Pricing Department Mexico; and Humberto Varela, Pricing Department Spain, who appear in above photograph, have been working hard to open doors and create new business opportunities for Altius.

Altius was presented with the Best Seller Agent in Sout America award.

feria hua hin

Potosi Cement Plant Project Inception (Bolivia)

proyecto potosi 4proyecto potosi 3proyecto potosi2proyecto potosi1

Unloading operations of first vessel carrying breakbulk cargo for ALTIUS´ new project in Bolivia, (Potosi Cement Plant), were carried out at Arica Port (Chile), using Shore Tension equipment (with vessel´s overall length of 225 meters and under swell conditions).  Cargo was unloaded from vessel by shore cranes, moved to laydown area and finally unloaded and stowed using reach stackers and shore cranes, to await land transportation across two countries (Chile and Bolivia) which entailed following a greatly challenging route (including stretches of road 4,680 meters above sea level, and sharp bends).  An ALTIUS engineer supervised unloading operations and labelling of each item with a project code, to better coordinate all parties invoved.

Altius at the Annual Certified Suppliers Convention

Our co-workers Brezo Sanchez (RoRo) and Isra Garcia (Projects), represented Altius recently at the annual certified suppliers convention organized by CNH Industrial.

The convention was held this past January in Madrid, bringing together suppliers and buyers who use DIREX procurement platform, which belongs to CNH Industrial.

Direx is a procurement platform where Spanish and Portuguese industrial machinery dealers have available a safe and competitive purchase environment.

Altius Shipment: Hamriyah, EAU – Aqaba, Jordan

hamriya3Altius successfully carried out transportation of 2 fully erected shiploader cranes, from the port of Hamriyah, EAU, to the port of Aqaba in Jordan. To that end, Altius had to load, stow and secure said cranes, where each one weighed 520 Tons and measured 60,000 x 22,000 x 30,500 mm. Loading/unloading of cranes was carried out using a single crane from the vessel.

To stow and secure the shiploader cranes, Altius had to put additional reinforcements in place by way of 12 pillars per crane, which had to be dismantled and removed at port of destination prior to unloading of cranes.