Delivery of the last item of the Volgograd Deep Conversion Complex

On December 10, 2014 the last item of the Volgograd Deep Conversion Complex project was delivered by ALTIUS to the site at Lukoil Refinery in Volgograd (Russia).

This unit represented the last of twelve project cargo shipments from Korea.

All these pieces were transported on river barges to Volgograd from Novorossiysk, where they had been previously unloaded from a heavy-lift vessel.




Discharging operations from the barge were performed on a RO-RO basis, using conventional trailers, and also on a LO-LO basis with the assistance of a mobile crane operating from shore.

The barge’s river voyage along the Volga-Donn Channel was completed just two days prior to the closing of this channel due to the winter season, when the river traffic is stopped from December to March.

Some difficulties arose during the last land transportation of these pieces to the refinery mainly due to frozen roads, snow and extreme temperatures of up to -20º C.


IMG_6666 IMG_6647 IMG_6626

The end result of this effort was the successful completion of all shipments in this project on time, with no damages or incidents and to the full satisfaction of both Lukoil and Tecnicas Reunidas-Initec.

Possibly the most important aspect of this project was the level of cooperation, patience and teamwork achieved to execute the job.

With this last delivery, ALTIUS completes the transportation of all the oversized and heavy-lift equipment necessary for the upgrade of Lukoil Refinery in Volgograd, which were shipped from several origins such as Korea, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey and UAE.

19 December, 2014



New corporate image


At ALTIUS we are constantly evolving with a clear objective: growth.

We are a team of almost 150 people, working and learning every day thanks to the confidence you place in us.

This ambitious objective we set for ourselves has not been easy to achieve in recent times. The economic crisis has made it very difficult for us at times, but we pulled through thanks to your support and to the commitment of our team. Having overcome difficulties has made us want a radical change in our corporate image, a change that reflects what Altius is all about; we look to the future with great enthusiasm and eagerness not to lose sight of our original objective, to keep growing.

This change signifies Altius’ firm commitment to turn page and enter a new and much more exciting and positive phase for all of us.

Our new corporate image reflects these changes. At a time when global vision merges with local action, we want to imbue our overall message with a new character, making it more flexible and diverse, more credible and solid.

Therefore, starting today, the circles will represent us, tirelessly moving towards excellence and the arrow will show us the way to attain our growth objective.

In conclusion, our new image represents our compromise to adapt to a global world in continuous change. This compromise is possible thanks to our most important assets: our team and you. Together we want to continue on this path to growth and help you reach new goals.




Air Cargo Management with every guarantee


Altius: we are all you need to manage your air cargo shipments to any country in the world with every guarantee.

Our experienced team specializes in air cargo shipments. We are all you need to get your cargo to its final destination. We will find the appropriate technical and logistic solutions at the least possible cost, according to your needs. We will process and take care of everything during transportation of your cargo, making sure it will get to your client on time and in perfect condition.

We can also arrange for warehousing, handling, distribution, insurance and customs services.


Marine Transport

ALTIUS specializes in Perishables and Frozen cargo. A team of technicians is totally committed to this product.

In addition we can provide other Freight Management services:

Management and control of contracts drawn between our clients and shipping companies.

Consulting services on behalf of our clients to seek strategic alliances when negotiating with shipping companies

Air transport management

Proper management of express air transport means lower costs on transportation and cost control impact on our customers’ products.

As partners in air transport operations, we focus on implementing efficiency, flexibility and on time deliveries.

Altius renders inspection service in China

Altius China Inspection Services was born as a joint venture between Altius Spain (Spanish supply chain management and logistics company).

You can benefit from our experience. We carry out product inspection, in your name, at all stages of production, from factory audit, through manufacturing process, to delivery at final destination.

Our inspection services include all industrial and home appliance sectors:

  • -Quality checks on consumer electric appliances and electronic devices.
  • -Quality checks on handcrafted wood products and furniture.
  • -Quality checks on cast parts and mechanical products.
  • -Supervising quality checks on clothing (including textile and garments) and leather products.
  • -Supervising loading and discharging cargo at any port in China.

The new Titan sailing home port

The pontoon carrying 4 STS cranes, acquired by Davila Group Termavi, each 112 meters high, departed from Amsterdam – The company hopes it arrives before Sunday.

The new port titan sails for home. The Super Post Panamax crane acquired by Davila Group in Holland for the Container Terminal -Termavi- departed from Amsterdam on Saturday. It will travel, next to its three identical sisters destined for Tenerife, all through the week, navigating the waters of the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Climate conditions will determine its arrival in Vigo. The probable dates for the Ria to receive this new resident are between Friday and Sunday. Rain, wind and poor navigation conditions already postponed this voyage, which was scheduled at first for the end of September.

This operation implies a real challenge for the company and it will be a turning point in the sector. “It is the first time that four cranes such as these are transported on a pontoon simultaneously.” Says Alvaro Molina, Project Division Manager at Altius, from Davila Group. To give an idea of the “complexity” of this process, Molina recalls that the weight of just the four cranes amounts to 5,600 tons. “Down to the port of Brest in France, we have a second tug support boat but from then on we continue with just one,” he concludes. The speed at which it advances “depends on climate conditions”, and ranges between 3.5 and 9 knots.

During the voyage, Altius’ technicians will control this cargo minute by minute via internet, thanks to a computer program that continually updates the pontoon’s estimated arrival time. Everything is under control on this unprecedented operation that will result in the unloading at Termavi of a 1,350 ton crane, 112 meters long (with pen extended), 72 meters when at work and 26 meters wide. Such sizable cranes can only be found (on the Atlanctic Arc) at Sines terminal in Portugal, so this will make Vigo the most important port in Galicia. To complete the operation, Altius employed 320 tons of steel, a team of 20 welders at work for 8,000 hours and 750 hours of engineering to design and build reinforcements. The arrival in Vigo will not mean nonetheless the end of this challenge. At Termavi the engineers will work with a counterweight system to stop the platform from being unbalanced when the crane is being unloaded. “We will use ballasts,” they tell us.

Fuente: El Faro de Vigo