Air Cargo Management with every guarantee


Altius: we are all you need to manage your air cargo shipments to any country in the world with every guarantee.

Our experienced team specializes in air cargo shipments. We are all you need to get your cargo to its final destination. We will find the appropriate technical and logistic solutions according to your needs at the least possible cost. We will process and take care of everything during transportation of your cargo, making sure it will get to your client on time and in perfect condition.

We can also arrange for warehousing, handling, distribution, insurance, and customs procedures.


Secure management of air freight shipments

Altius: A single point of contact to manage your air cargo shipments safely and securely to any country in the world.

Our experienced team of airfreight experts will be your sole interlocutor until the goods arrive at their destination. They will advise you, seek technical and operational solutions at the most competitive price according to your needs and service requests, and manage and resolve any incident during transport to ensure that your shipment reaches your customer in the agreed time and conditions.

We provide you with additional warehousing, handling, distribution, insurance and customs services.


Sea Transport

ALTIUS specializes in Perishables and Frozen cargo. A team of technicians is totally committed to this product.

In addition we can provide other Freight Management services:

Management and control of contracts drawn between our clients and shipping companies.

Consulting services on behalf of our clients to seek strategic alliances when negotiating with shipping companies

Maritime transport

Altius specializes in Perishable and Frozen Cargo. A team of technicians dedicated exclusively to this product. Altius also offers solutions in Freight Management: Control and management of our clients' contracts with shipping lines. Consultancy for our clients in the negotiation with shipping companies, looking for alliances and strategic enclaves.



Air transport management

Proper management of express air transport means lower transportation costs and cost control impact on our customers' products.

As partners in air transport operations, we focus on implementing efficiency, flexibility, and on-time deliveries.

Air transport management

The correct management of an air transport emergency means cost savings in the transport itself and in the impact of cost control for our customers with respect to their product. Efficiency, flexibility, time commitment, and safety in execution are the goals of our job as our clients' partners in air transport operations.

Altius provides inspection services in China

Altius China Inspection Services was born as a joint venture between Altius Spain (Spanish supply chain management and logistics company).

You can benefit from our experience. We carry out product inspectionsi n your name, at all stages of production, from factory audit, through manufacturing process, to delivery at final destination.

Our inspection services include all industrial and home appliance sectors:

  • Quality checks on consumer electric appliances and electronic devices.
  • Quality checks on handcrafted wood products and furniture.
  • Quality checks on cast parts and mechanical products.
  • -Supervising quality checks on clothing (including textile and garments) and leather products.
  • -Supervising loading and discharging cargo at any port in China.

Altius provides inspection services in China

Altius China Inspection Services is a joint venture between Altius Spain (a Spanish supply chain and logistics management company) and CGG (a Chinese company dedicated to international business).
You can benefit from our expertise as we inspect products on your behalf at all stages of production, from factory audits through the manufacturing process to final delivery.
Our inspection services cover all industrial fields:
- Quality inspection of electrical appliances and consumer electronics.
- Quality inspection of handcrafted wood products and furniture.
- Quality inspection of castings and mechanical products.
- Quality inspection supervision of clothing and leather goods.
- Supervision of freight forwarding loading and unloading in any port in China.


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