Altius RORO Department Teamwork


Altius' RORO department informs us of a shipment secured by Altius SRL Bolivia, which was carried out successfully thanks to an outstanding team work.

Vigo's RORO Department helped  negotiating freight costs with various shipping companies, organizing logistics from origin and managing the cross-trade shipment from port of origin (Belgium) to port of destination (Chile).

Altius Bolivia managed negotiations and customer service with end customer, including handling of units at destination and dealing with customs, import and delivery at final destination in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia).

Our colleagues in Bolivia can easily manage suppliers and service provision thus enabling such an integral service for this type of carrying trade, which is an essential coordination and cooperation job.

The challenge in this particular case was to offer a comprehensive service that could enable the 4 units to arrive on time for the opening of the centre while adapting to factory production. Finally a shipment per unit was necessary to achieve our goal, by using three different shipping companies.

The cargo was 4 agricultural tractors.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" - Henry Ford.

Some photos follow showing the units ashore and on-barge for delivery.





Altius RORO Department teamwork


Altius RORO department sent us a shipment obtained by Altius SRL Bolivia, which resulted in success thanks to teamwork. Read more