Altius gets involved on a non-profit basis in the Casa de los Maestros

beams 2


Altius, helped carrying out a beautiful project called the Casa de los Maestros, a house in the village of Las Hurdes (Cáceres) dedicated to helping 18 year olds who leave foster homes and have nowhere to go.

This house, apart from becoming a home for young homeless people, also aims to educate them and help them find their way in life. Many young people who leave foster homes do not know what to do and have little education, which is why the coordinators of this house are constantly looking for teachers and professionals who can support and prepare these young people.

Altius helped in this project by transporting 79 beams to the Casa de los Maestros, free of charge, as, being a humanitarian organization, they have limited financial resources. These beams will be used to electrify the area, as the house is located in the countryside.