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Altius has completed the transport of a 7x4x4 m, 71 ton transformer and its accessories from Izmit, Turkey to a water treatment plant in Hamad, Qatar. On this occasion, the transport was carried out on a flat rack bed due to the advantages offered by the combination of transit and cost compared to other alternatives.
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WCA World's annual conference, Singapore

Last week our Altius team was at the 25th anniversary of the WCA World annual conference in Singapore. After 3 years without being able to meet, we reconnected with our partners and worked as a team to identify new business that will allow us to enhance the growth and development of Altius. In the photo, from left to right, Humberto Varela, Global Network Manager, Jaime G.Mauriño, CEO, Carmen Alonso, Pricing desk Airfreight and Borja Fernandez, International Business Manager.

Altius - Freight transport Avilés Port - Algeciras Port

Altius successfully carried out, for Técnicas Reunidas, the transport of 4 LNG storage tanks, manufactured by IDESA. The cargo was picked up at the port of Avilés and transported to the port of Algeciras (Los Barrios Terminal).
Each structure weighed 280 tons and was 56 meters long.
All operations were completed without incident despite the rough seas encountered at destination, thus concluding another major heavy lift project.


Loading in Aviles

ALTIUS coordinated the lashing operations of two 330-ton each Coke Drums + accessories at Valliniello Terminal, in Avilés (Spain), on the Russian flag vessel MV "Serdolik". For this purpose, two onshore cranes were placed on the quay, the main crane being a crawler type with a capacity of 600 tons. The operations were carried out safely and all related last minute problems were successfully resolved by our team present during project operations. Another heavy project safely delivered by ALTIUS .


New certification for Altius

Panga loading

Altius transports two 160-ton transformers

Altius successfully transports another shipment of Transformers and accessories.

On this occasion, the shipment belongs to the Campos del Sol project, which is being carried out in the Atacama region of Chile, and consists of two transformers measuring 10.30 x 3.45 x 4.60 m (length x width x height) and 160 t each, as well as the usual set of accessories.

Altius Chile received the cargo under hook at the Port of Angamos and coordinated all the logistics and actions carried out in a 550 km journey, crossing the arid territory of northern Chile until its delivery on site.

Worthy of note is the hard work done by all the operators involved, overcoming not only their own logistical challenges, but also the hard experiences of all involved in these times of pandemic.

This new job is part of a strategic commitment that the Altius Group undertook this year to strengthen its value-added services adapted to the energy sector, which is in addition to several other projects carried out for different clients, especially in the Latam area.


Transport of two heat exchangers from Italy to Scotland

Altius organized and implemented a land and sea transport of two heat exchangers + accessories from the OVS Vertova manufacturing plant in Northern Italy to the Ineos refinery located in Grangemouth, Scotland.

The cargo consisted of two main units weighing 122 tons each, over 22 m long x 3.35 m wide x 3.50 m high, transported from Vertova to the river port of Valdaro (Mantova) and then loaded onto a barge due to the weight and dimensional restrictions and obstacles of the convoys which partially prevented transport by road to the loading port of Marghera.

The route of the convoys from Vertova to Mantua encountered several maneuvering difficulties due to the narrow and winding mountain roads precisely due to the total length of the convoys of more than 30 metres.

Once the exchangers were loaded with a gantry crane onto a barge in Valdaro, and after two days of inland navigation, they arrived in Marghera where they were loaded with two 150-ton struts on the m/v "Atlantic Dawn" to sail to the unloading port of Grangemouth in the UK.

The unloading of the vessel and transport was carried out with a Scheuerle Kamag K25 platform, self-propelled to move both exchangers within the Ineos Refinery in Grangemouth. The operation was carried out quickly and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Altius transports a 150-ton excavator to China

On this job Altius was responsible for preparing, organizing, and supervising the inland transport, port operations, and RoRo shipment of a 150-ton CAT6015B excavator. The point of origin was the supplier's facilities in Spain and China was the destination.

The knowledge of the road constraints and the port and shipping operations, combined with a solid and high level of service, allowed Altius' RoRo team to complete the shipment in a very short time and meet the zero incident target.

The main unit measured 8.6 x 4.9 x 4.75 meters and weighed 90.6 tonnes. It was loaded using a modular trailer with a 3+2+4 beam configuration. Due to height restrictions, the air filters and stacks had to be disassembled for road transport and reassembled once in port, so that the unit could be fully operational and ready for a quick RoRo transshipment transport. The spare parts were loaded onto generic transports and carried on a 13-metre trailer.

Thanks to having a team at Altius 100% dedicated to RoRo projects, this shipment went smoothly and without incident on both sides.

Transport from Port of Rijeka to Jebel Ali

Altius successfully completed the transport of two transformers, each weighing 230 tons, from Croatia to Jebel Ali.

Altius was in charge of the logistics operations from the moment the goods were delivered to the port of origin (port of Rijeka), supervising the loading maneuvers and the sea transport to Jebel Ali.