Davila Group celebrates its first centennial jubilee

Last Saturday, Davila Group (Altius' parent company) celebrated its first centennial jubilee in Vigo, the city of its birth.

The jubilee celebration was held at Marina Davila Restaurant, on Saturday September 16th, and it was hosted by the Group's acting CEO, Eduardo Davila. All of 450 people representing the Group's branches in Spain (Algeciras, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Seville, Marin and Vigo) were present, as well as representatives from all its other branches around the world, in order to pay tribute to the work done by their predecessors through the years and the work being done today.

Davila Group's origins go way back to 1917, when its parent company Joaquín Davila y Cía. was established in Vigo. It focuses on the shipping industry: tramp ship owner representatives, project cargo, regular liners, vessel charters, customs agents, transits, air and road cargo and integral logistics.

Termavi (Terminales Marítimas de Vigo) was established in 1993. It focuses on managing Vigo Port's container traffic.

Another significant milestone in Davila Group's history was to establish Altius forwarding company, in 1999, which made it possible for the Group to widen its range of services, including from then on comprehensive logistics to aide in the foreign trade sector and specializing in transporting major structures by sea. At present there are Altius branches established in 10 different countries across America and Europe.

The Group includes other specialized firms which round off and complete the range of services it offers, such as Yacht Consultancy which specializes in services rendered to yachts and charters, and Marina Davila Sport which offers its clients integrated services in the leisure boat sector.

The Group also boasts having its own port premises, such as those at Termavi, in Vigo's container terminal, and those at DART (Davila Reefer Terminal) which was established by the Group in 2002, and which includes refrigeration facilities at the Port of Marin.

At present Davila Group employs more than 500 people working in 21 firms distributed across 10 countries around the world. Such singular growth during the past decades has not hindered its flourishing family spirit and the moral standards by which it was established a century ago.