First Air Shipment of Horses from Zaragoza to Mexico

On Wednesday, July 24th, our first air shipment of horses from Zaragoza to Mexico was successfully carried out. The horses were taken by horse trailer from their quarantine location in Madrid, where they had spent one month, to Zaragoza airport.

Four hours later they arrived at the airport's cargo area, where a horse stall container was placed in position to receive them.

horses mexico

Once the horses were safely in their stalls, they were given water to drink.

The stall container was moved to a warehouse, so the horses could be in the shade while the cargo plane was being loaded with other merchandise.

horses mexico 3

The horses boarded the plane just half an hour before take off, in order to avoid them being frightened or bothered by the noise. A professional groom accompanied them during the flight to make sure they were comfortable and calm and to provide them with food and water throughout the voyage.

horses mexico 4

The horses arrived in Mexico safe and sound. They cleared customs and the cargo was released so they could be unloaded and delivered to their new owners. 

horses mexico 6