Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project II (Saudi Arabia)



ALTIUS transports and delivers to the destination site another shipment of heavy and oversized equipment for the "Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project" (Saudi Arabia).




ALTIUS Project Cargo Division successfully transported and delivered on time and on-site to the customer's satisfaction, two Tanks weighing 132 tons each, two Heat Exchangers weighing 62 tons, and other general cargo for the transport project "Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project".

All the equipment was shipped from Porto Marghera (Italy) to the port of Jizan (Saudi Arabia) on board a ship with its own cranes.

All parts were then transported by road to the delivery site location along an 84-kilometre-long transport route from the aforementioned port of unloading.

In order to allow the land transport of the oversized parts weighing 132 tons, civil works and road works had to be carried out, such as the construction of temporary detours to avoid driving over bridges due to maximum transport weight limitations according to the local transport authorities, lifting of cables due to the high overall height of the transport convoy of up to 6.30 meters high, and driving in the wrong direction at certain parts of the route with the assistance of escort cars and local police in order to avoid the removal of road obstructions.