Logistic for Urea and Ammonia Plant: BuloBulo Project (Bolivia)

bulobuloproject3bulobuloproject2Altius completes the transport of the cargo belonging to the BuloBulo project in Bolivia consisting of a Urea and Ammonia plant. To carry out the logistics of this project it was necessary to unload more than 500 Open Top containers in the port of Arica (Chile) and transport them, according to customer requirements in terms of time and quantities, to the final destination, more than 950 km away, in the town of BuloBulo, Cochabamba (Bolivia). Transportation was carried out from March to May 2017. With the delivery of the last container, ALTIUS completed another project in Latin America, where it had to overcome, in addition to the transport itself, the difficulties of coordinating the different legislations of the two countries involved as well as all customs procedures involved at the border crossing.