AEO reassessment

With the entry into force of the new EU Customs Code (UCC) on 1 May 2016, it was necessary to re-evaluate all existing Authorizations and Certifications. Among these re-evaluations, the AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification, is vital for the development of our activity.

This reassessment calls for higher standards and even stricter criteria than before.

ALTIUS already had this status since 2010, being one of the first companies to obtain it. On 14 May 2019, we received a notification from the Tax Agency, informing us that we have successfully passed the re-evaluation of the AEO Certification, being recognized as a trusted operator in the logistics chain, after 14 months of re-evaluation and audits in all our branches.

Jose Dacosta, AEO Manager of ALTIUS assures that this re-evaluation has been possible thanks to the great implication of the General Management, aware of the importance for a company to have this certification, as well as that of the employees of each and every one of the departments, in every ALTIUS branch.