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A cookie is a small file that is stored when visiting a page in the browser on your computer or mobile device, and to store and retrieve certain information about your browsing, or credit to facilitate access to certain services.

Some are technically critical, such as those used for when you’re shopping or access your email not need to be entering your username and password at every step. They are called “technical cookies” and only used while you are on the web. If they are disabled, you may not correctly access all content and services on this site, or your browsing a bit uncomfortable if you access a space where necessary admit it.
Others are called “analytical cookies” which can allow compiling statistics for browsing, allowing knowledge and interests to offer more targeted to your preferences and needs service. Disable these cookies does not harm the functionality of the page, but can not receive commercial or advertising content specifically geared towards you.

On this page using so-called analytical cookies”, nor own, or third parties is not done.
What cookies are used in Altius?

PHPSESSID: cookie indispensable session variables used to configure automatic and temporary session inherent in the programming used on the page. Also to recognize you if you access a private area for access to personal information to a management area, or sign in to make a purchase or services requiring authenticate the user.
cc_cookie_accept, cc_cookie_decline: Permanent cookies to remember whether or not the user authorizes the use of cookies on the website.
Here‘s own analytical cookies are NOT used.


__utma, __utmb, __utmc, and __utmz: De persistent nature and ownership of Google. They are Google Analytics cookies that allow us to know how many visitors we have, how they got Altius, when using a mobile phone or a computer, the source of traffic to distinguish new visitors and returns, etc. If desired, there are tools available for your browser, so that GoogleAnalytics can not collect your information:
This web DOES NOT USE cookie analytic any advertising or commercial purposes.

If any advertising or commercial communication on the page is displayed, it is fixed, rotating, or random, using the same criteria for all visitors regardless of their identification or personal navigation.

How I can disable cookies or set my browser?

Remember that in some cases if off, your browsing many sites may run in things such as managing content, check email, or make a purchase online.

This process is different depending on the web browser you use on your computer or mobile device, but most have tools that allow you to set whether cookies are automatically deleted when you close the application, or permanently disable them. Therefore, for your convenience, we have provided below some links where you can learn how to configure the most common browsers:

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