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Market: Harbour & Port Development

Port of Loading: Valencia (Spain)

Port of discharge: Itajai (Brasil)

Cargo: Five (5x) RTG cranes

In 2011, Altius completed the shipment of five (5x) gantry cranes on wheels (RTG´s) from the port of Valencia (Spain) to the port of Itajai (Brasil).

All five RTG’s share identical characteristics. Each one weights 160 tons and its dimensions are 32 x 11,15 x 24,50 meters (L x W x H)

All the cranes were transported on deck, maximizing the available space on the ship. Firstly, each crane was loaded on board by tandem lift with the ship´s own means. Secondly, each crane was pushed and wheeled into position to make space for the next one. They were tied down with chains for the voyage.




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  • Release Date: 17 August, 2011