Item Details

Year: 2012

Market: Offshore

Port of Loading: Aviles (Spain)

Port of Discharge: Grenaa (Denmark)

Cargo: 1x Offshore Jacket / Dimensions: L x W x H: 30 x 26,40 x 15 m / Gross weight: 555 tons


In February 2012, ALTIUS shipped an offshore Jacket from Aviles to Grenaa. This Jacket was the main foundation structure (substructure) for an offshore Wind Farm in Denmark, located at 20 km from Grenaa Port.

The Jacket was assembled at the loading dock in the Port of Aviles. Then it was lifted and stowed on deck, on board a heavy-lift vessel.

The sea voyage from origin to destination took only 3 days.

In Grenaa Port, the vessel was berthed starboard in a swell-free berth, in order to offload the Jacket onto a floating concrete pontoon. The pontoon was moored alongside the vessel. Fenders of 3 meters in diameter were placed between the vessel and the pontoon.

After discharging and fixing the Jacket to the pontoon’s guiding system, the entire platform was towed away from the vessel and to the Wind Farm.


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  • Release Date: 7 February, 2012