Item Details

Year: 2014

Market: Harbour & Port Development

Port of Loading: Dalian (China)

Port of discharge: Pasadena – Houston (EE.UU)

Cargo: 660 ton Shiploader, measuring  L x W x H: 25,60 x 44,35 x 20,49 meters

160 ton Tripper , measuring L x W x H: 53,31 x 16,18 x 23,87 meters

In the spring of 2014, ALTIUS shipped and installed at destination a coal Shiploader (weighing up to 660 tons) and a Tripper (weighing 160 tons) from China to the USA.

Both units were built for the upgrading of Kinder Morgan Company’s coal terminal.

The project consisted not only of sea transportation of both units from origin, located at the construction shipyard in Dalian (China), to destination in Pasadena – Houston (USA), but it also included installing both units onto rails at the pier, and then connecting and assembling each unit to each other with counter weights and the rest of loose parts.

This new Shiploader replaced the existing old one in the coal terminal. Both units, and loose parts, were shipped on board a heavy-lift vessel and the voyage from origin to destination was direct and non-stop from Dalian to Pasadena. About 10,200 nautical miles which were covered in 26 days thanks to high-speed navigation of the vessel.

Lifting the Shiploader from the lower part of its structure by means of a specially designed lifting arrangement was key to this project´s success, since standard lifting was not possible due to the unit’s design.

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  • Release Date: 26 March, 2014
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