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Year: 2014

Market: Harbour & Port Development

Port of Loading: Barcelona (Spain)

Port of Discharge: Hong Kong (China)

Cargo: Two (2x) Cruise Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB)


In February 2014, ALTIUS completed shipment of two PBBs (passenger boarding bridges) from Barcelona to Hong Kong. Loading operations took place at the port of Barcelona. Next, the PBBs were shipped to Hong Kong where they were discharged onto rail tracks on that port’s pier.

Each PBB measures 23 m in length x 28 m in width x 18 m in height approximately and each has a gross weight of up to 190 tons.

Taking into account the huge dimensions of both units, they had to be stowed on deck. Furthermore, due to the long voyage ahead between origin and destination ports, and since the heavy-lift vessel was chartered on a part-cargo basis, one unit was stowed on the aft side and the other on the fore side of the weather deck, in order to optimize stowage space and allow the vessel to deliver other fixed cargo in different countries along the marine route from Barcelona to Hong Kong.

ALTIUS optimized and coordinated loading operations at origin, taking into account the other existing cargo which was already loaded on board the vessel. In addition, due to the PBBs being so wide, steel extension supports had to be installed to secure the units in place during the sea voyage.

Last but not least, special lifting arrangements had to be organized for lifting both units taking into consideration the structures´ weaknesses, since they were in part made of glass. Lifting gears were arranged in such a way as to prevent any transversal force from transmitting force and stress during the lifting procedure when loading at origin, which could have caused structural damage to the PBBs. The operation was a success.



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  • Release Date: 3 February, 2014
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