Item Details

Year: 2013

Market: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

Port of Loading: Several multi-origin ports (Spain, Korea, UAE,  The Netherlands and USA)

Port of Discharge: Derince (Turkey)

Cargo: about 60.500 freight tonns of total cargo transported


In 2013, ALTIUS completed the transportation of heavy-lift, over dimensional and conventional cargo for the upgrading of Tüpras Refinery in Izmit, Turkey.

ALTIUS was in charge of transporting about 60,500 freight tons of total cargo in several shipments from: KOREA, MALAYSIA, SPAIN, UAE and USA.

An outline of the project’s transport logistics follow:

-Firstly, haulage from the factory to the loading port in the respective origins.

-Secondly, sea transportation of the cargo from each loading port to Derince Port in Turkey.

  • -Thirdly, road transportation from Derince Port to project site at destination.

Once the heavy and oversize cargo was discharged at Derince Port, it was individually rolled onto barges in a load-out operation carried out by means of SPMT’s and conventional transport vehicles. The barges transported the cargo up to a jetty at the destination refinery where all the pieces were rolled-off the barge.

-Finally, the cargo was driven up to the corresponding foundation for installment.

Most remarkable in this project was the transportation of five heavy-lift and oversized items, measuring up to 65 meters in length and weighing up to 590 tons.

Thanks to a detailed and planned transport schedule of activities, all operations were completed in a day, starting early in the morning with barge transportation at destination, continuing with road transportation up to the foundation and ending in the afternoon-evening with the items being installed.




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  • Release Date: 15 August, 2013