Item Details

Year: 2013

Market: Modular

Port of Loading: Tarragona (Spain)

Port of Discharge: Le Havre (France)

Cargo: 18x pre-assembled refinery modules


From February to May of 2013, ALTIUS completed three shipments of 18x pre-assembled refinery modules for Total Raffinage Marketing – RN DGO5 ISBL Project.

They weighed up to 321 tons of gross weight and were 33 m long x 16 m high x 12 m wide. These modules were headed to the Total Normand Refinery, to be set up as an HDS (Gasoil Hydrodesulphurization Unit).

The project consisted of the transportation of the modules from the manufacturing yard located in Tarragona (Spain), to Le Havre (France) by sea, and their final delivery to the job site at the destination refinery.

Three shipments were necessary with a total weight of 40,000 tons:

1st sea voyage: 6 modules shipped on board M/S Condock II (RO-RO basis).

2nd sea voyage: 5 modules shipped on board M/V Palembang (LO-LO basis).

3rd sea voyage: 7 modules shipped on board M/M Panagia (LO-LO basis).

On shore transportation of the modules, both at origin and destination, was done by means of SPMT’s.

In addition, due to air-draft restrictions on the road transport route from Le Havre to the refinery site, the two highest modules had to be transported by barge on an alternate fluvial route part of the way.


  • Client: TOTAL
  • Release Date: 19 May, 2013