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Market: Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

Port of Loading: Several origin countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and the UK.

Port of Discharge: Antwerp (Belgium)

Cargo: Reactors, fractionators and other equipment and components for a refinery upgrade.


In October 2014, ALTIUS started operations in order to ship heavy and oversized cargo for development and upgrading of TOTAL RAFFINADERIJ ANTWERP refinery in Ambers (Belgium).

Shipments from Italy and Portugal were carried out by coastal vessels. The cargo was loaded onto the vessels by cranes.

The heavier pieces were loaded at the ports of Gijón and Avilés (Spain) onto heavy-lift vessels.

For shipment from the Czech Republic, cargo was transported by fluvial barges.

One of the most characteristic shipments carried out in this project was that of a 57 m long Fractionator with a total weight of 224 tons. It was transported from the factory by conventional trailers on Dolly configuration with turntables, to the loading dock, where it was loaded onto the heavy-lift vessel using cranes in tandem lift. At destination, it was unloaded by the vessel’s cranes onto SPMTs to be delivered at the job site.

On this project different types of transportation were used. Among them, fluvial transport along several channels, of a 17 m long Separator weighing 133 tons from Melnik Port in Czech Republic to Antwerp Port in Belgium. The fluvial route was studied and checked beforehand in order to establish whether it could be a viable alternative transport.

This project was scheduled for February-March 2015, with the shipment of 5 modules from Middlesbrough in the UK (the heaviest of which weighing 187 tons) and a 22 m long Separator weighing 348 tons, from the port of Avilés in Spain.



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  • Release Date: 3 February, 2015
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