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Year: 2014

Market: Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

Port of Loading: Several origin countries: Italy, Spain, India, Korea, Turkey and UAE

Port of Discharge: Kazkav and Novorossiysk (Russia) and a RO-RO jetty in Volgograd (Russia)

Cargo: Heavy reactors and fractionators, and conventional petrochemical project equipment.


From May to November, 2014 ALTIUS transported heavy-lift and oversized cargo and equipment to Volgograd (Russia), for upgrading of a refinery complex.

Considering the existing fluvial navigation channels, port infrastructure and technical limitations for road transportation at destination, the transportation of such a heavy and critical cargo (two Reactors each weighing 867 and 1,116 tons respectively, each 40 meters long and 8,5 meters in diameter and a 68 meter long Fractionator weighing 501 tons), involved complex and challenging operations which had never before been carried out in Russia.

Firstly, these three units were loaded together on a heavy-lift vessel in Italy and transported to the port of Kazkav, where they were transferred onto barges. Secondly, the barges took them along fluvial channels to Volgograd, where they were discharged onto a jetty. Finally the units were transported by SPMTs and delivered at the refinery.

The rest of this project cargo was also transported in multiple laps from origin to destination at the refinery in Volgograd, including:

Marine transport from respective loading ports to discharge port at Kazkav and/or Novorossiyst port, where it was transferred onto fluvial barges.

The barges took the cargo to Volgograd where it was discharged on a RO-RO jetty close to project site location.

Road transportation of cargo to the refinery was carried out by SMPTs, conventional trailers and trucks.

In addition, there were other conventional project cargo shipments from Italy to Volgograd on river boats, then discharged using self-propelled crawler cranes and finally hauled to the refinery.


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  • Release Date: 3 December, 2014