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ALTIUS shipped approximately 5,000 freight-tons of steel pipes from Korea to Peru.

366 steel pipes were loaded onto trailer trucks at the manufacturer´s plant in Korea and   transported by road to an open storage yard at the loading port of Yeochon in Korea.

The steel pipes were then offloaded from the trailers using forklifts and transported to the storage by careful handling so as to prevent any possible damage.

The pipes were loaded on board the performer vessel by shore cranes equipped with steel slings connected by hooks to the pipes themselves.

All 5,000 F-tons of pipes were loaded, lashed and secured on board of the ship in a single day of loading operations.

All cargo was properly stowed in the designated compartments of the vessel´s hold using the proper stowage equipment, treated and stamped accordingly.

The pipes were stowed and tightly lashed using the proper securing equipment, such as steel braces, straps, clamps, tension cables, clips, etc.  Also, wooden blocks were used as ¨chokers¨ to keep cargo still during sea voyage to the destination port of Paita in Peru.

All handling, loading and securing operations were carried out keeping in mind our client´s satisfaction as our main objective.




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  • Release Date: 4 September, 2015