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In June 2015, ALTIUS Project Division successfully loaded two catamarans plus one small boat onto a self-geared vessel, at the port of Gijon (Spain), in order to ship them to the port of Luanda (Angola).

All three ships were loaded directly onto the vessel from the water over the vessel´s rail. The heaviest of the catamarans weighed 147 tons and measured 36,4 m in length, 10 m in breadth and 14,9 m in depth.

Operations were carried out using the vessel´s cranes. The catamarans were put in slings with the help of a diver, who placed nylon slings around the base of each hull, prior to lifting them onboard. The small boat was loaded by ¨single lift¨ method using lifting lugs.

Skilled personnel at ALTIUS took care of all aspects of this shipment, supervising and coordinating all operations down to the last detail, which was successfully completed on time to our client´s satisfaction.


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  • Release Date: 19 September, 2016