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Year: 2011

Market: Oil, Gas & Petrochemical products

Port of loading: Kobe (Japan)

Port of discharging: Yanbu (KSA)

Cargo: Six(6x) Coke Drums , 600 tons gross weight each and measuring 42 m long and 10,50 m in diameter.


All the Coke Drums were shipped on deck, optimizing to the limit the available space on board the heavy-lift vessel.  Each piece was lifted on board and off board at arrival, by the ship’s crane. This shipment represented more than 27.500 units of cargo freight.

The Drums were firstly loaded in Kobe Port (Japan), next they were discharged at Yanbu Port (Saudi Arabia) and finally transported to the job site at a refinery.

During the loading operations and due to draft restrictions, the Coke Drums were lifted onto the ship one by one from a barge moored to the vessel at a pier with enough draft for the heavy-lift vessel.

At the discharging port, all the Coke Drums were temporarily stored in a laydown area awaiting land transportation to the job site at the refinery. This operation consisted of hauling one Coke Drum per day from the storage area, at destination port, to the job site, 15 km away.

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  • Release Date: 12 November, 2011