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On August 2015, ALTIUS PROJECTS DIVISION shipped 14x steel beams, measuring up to 35 meters in length and weighing up to 95 tons, which will be used for construction of a bridge over highways M-8, M-73 and M-74 in Glasgow, Scotland, in the UK.

Loading operations on board a gearless coaster vessel took place in the Spanish port of Seville. The steel beams and other auxiliary equipment were loaded on board the vessel in just one day.

ALTIUS´ engineering team came up with the solution for stowing and shipping all cargo in one sea-voyage thanks to an elaborate stowage plan that optimized the vessel´s available space.

The steel beams were lifted and loaded on board by mobile cranes operated from shore and were then stowed longitudinally.

Beams stowed below deck were stacked, with 6 beams placed in the lower level of the hold and 5 beams on top, in an upper level.

A container with auxiliary equipment and 3 beams were stowed on the ship´s weather deck.

All technical aspects of this shipment were planned ahead by ALTIUS together with the shipper and the ship-owner.  For instance, each beam had bolts distributed along its top part at 150 millimeter intervals.

To avoid crushing these bolts, aswell as the lifting lugs, when stowing both levels of beams below deck, it was necessary to put wooden blocks transversally between bundles of beams lashed together.

The steel beams stowed below deck were properly lashed and secured using straps, wooden blocks as “chokers” and chains.  The beams on deck were similarly secured.

Steel dog-plates were welded on to keep cargo securely in place below deck and to prevent it from overturning or moving lengthwise or sideways during sea voyage.

Flat wooden dunnage was also placed underneath the steel beams to prevent slippage.



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