Item Details

Year: 2012

Market: Harbour & Port Development

Port of Loading: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Port of Discharging: Vigo (Spain) for (1x) crane and Tenerife (Spain) for (3x) cranes

Cargo: Four 4x Super Post-Panamax cranes, each with the following characteristics:

– Length: 26,5 m.

– Width: 34 m. at ground level.

– Height: 112 m with boom in an upright position

– Weight: 1.450 tons


In 2012, ALTIUS completed the relocation of four Super Post-Panamax cranes. The port cranes were all transported at the same time on a barge towed by an ocean towing tug boat from the port in Amnsterdam to the port of Vigo.There 1x crane was discharged and the other 3x cranes continued on to Tenerife where they were finally discharged.

Loading and unloading operations of the cranes at every port from pier to barge and vice-versa were carried out by SPMT’s on a RO-RO basis.

All port cranes were reinforced, prior to loading operations which started at the container terminal in Amsterdam, since their structure would not be able to withstand the motion and stress during the sea transportation by barge otherwise. Therefore, a general reinforcement was designed and assembled onto the cranes, mainly based on steel pipes, plates and brackets welded to each structure.

ALTIUS supplied and covered all the technical aspects, logistics & transport services for this project, such as:

  • -Accelerations & Motion Analysis, Transportation Criteria & Towing Tug Bollard Pull Calculations and manuals.
  • -Ballasting (load-out & load-in); Stability; Sea-voyage ; Towing ; Grillage
  • -Engineering, calculations and blueprints related to the reinforcement of the cranes.
  • -Collection and stockage of materials, equipments and tools for the reinforcement of the port cranes.
  • -Building, mounting, installing & assembling of the cranes’ reinforcement.
  • -Preparations of the barge and piers
  • -Load-out/in maneuvers and transport operations
  • -Installation and removal of fastenings and grillage on the barge and cranes.

  • Client:
  • Release Date: 7 October, 2012