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ALTIUS shipped a large fractionator, from Korea to Turkey. With a gross weight of 585 and a total length of 64.60 meters and 10.50 meters in diameter .

The shipment from the country of origin where the fractionator was made, was carried out on board a heavy-lift vessel.

Cargo operations on board the ship took place in the Korean port of Ulsan .

At the port of Derince, in Turkey , the fractionator was discharged from ship to dock on SPMT ‘s, and then placed on a barge to be transported to the job site, close to the refinery in Tüpras, where it was discharged from the barge and finally hoisted onto the foundation jetty to be installed.

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  • Release Date: 20 April, 2013
Fraccionadora Turquía
Fraccionadora Turquía