Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project


The first shipment of refinery equipment for the transport project "Jazan Refinery and Terminal Project" took place in Porto Marghera (Italy).ALTIUS was recently awarded the transport of approximately 31.000 freight units of goods for this project, originating from Italy, Spain, and the rest of Europe as well as local land transports in Saudi Arabia and UAE. This project is located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, very close to the Red Sea coast, where a new refinery and industrial complex will be built. In this shipment, two pressure tanks weighing 152 tons each, as well as two heat exchangers weighing 62 tons each, together with auxiliary accessories, were loaded onboard a vessel with its own means. The vessel will set sail for the Italian port of Bari, where it will make a second call to load fourteen pumps plus their accessories, all bound for the port of Jizan in Saudi Arabia, where all this equipment will be unloaded and transported to the site for installation.