Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project II (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)



ALTIUS transports and delivers to project site location another shipment of heavy lift & overdimensional equipment for “Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project” (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)




The project division of ALTIUS has transported successfully and delivery on time to jobsite with client’s satisfaction 2x Drums of 132 tonnes gross weight each, 2x Heat Exchanger of 62 tonnes and general cargoes for the project of transportation “Jazan Refinery & Terminal Project”.

All the cargoes were shipped from Porto Marghera (Italy) up to Jizan Port (KSA) onto a self-geared vessel.

Then, all the cargoes were land-transported up to site along a transport route of 84 kilometers length total from the mentioned discharge port in Saudi Arabia.

For enabling the haulage of the two overdimensional & heavy-lift units of 132 tonnes, civil works and road improvements had to be made, such as the construction of several by-passes for avoiding to cross over culvert bridges due to weight limitations as per local transport authorities, pulling up also power line cables due to the huge overall height of the transport convoy up to 6,30 meters high, and driving against the traffic in some parts of the route with the assistance of escort cars and local police for avoiding some street obstacles.