New achievement of ALTIUS in Peru for ILO NODO SUR PROJECT

ALTIUS Project Division has performed in last December 2015 a successful land-transportation in Peru of 2x sets of Gas Turbines (200 tons gross weight / each) and 2x sets of Generators (256 tons gross weight / each).

These mentioned heavy-lift units and also rest of conventional break-bulk cargo were shipped from Houston Port (USA) up to Ilo Port (Peru) on board of the heavy-lifter vessel MV BBC Oregon. Adverse weather conditions were faced at the destination peruan port due to swell influence, but despite of this fact, discharging operations were conducted safely and according to the transport schedule.

Gas Turbines units were received ashore and then hauled to project site using a 2×14-axlelines “side by side” conventional modular trailer, and the Generators were transported and delivered to site onto a 2×16-axlelines “side by side” trailer, executing consecutive trips, respectively.

The haulage of each heavy unit, from Ilo Port up to the project site location situated in “Central Termoeléctrica de ILO”, is approximately 25 km. and each land-transportation was executed in 5 hours.