OEA Re-evaluation

With the implementation of the new Union Customs Code (CAU) of May 1st 2016, a re-evaluation of all existing Authorizations and Certificates became necessary. Among these evaluations is the OEA (Authorized Economic Operator) certificate which is vital for us in performing our activity.

This re-evaluation demands higher standards, and the criteria to satisfy are stricter than in previous evaluations.

ALTIUS already holds this status since 2010, being one of the first companies to obtain it. On last May 14th 2019, the IRS notified us to inform us that we have successfully passed the re-evaluation process for the OEA Certificate. Thus now we are recognized as a trustworthy operator in the logistics chain, after 14 months of assessments and audits in all our premises.

Jose Dacosta, in charge of OEA at ALTIUS, declares that this re-evaluation was possible thanks to both the degree of involvement of our General Management, aware of how important it is for our company to hold said certificate, and of all our employees in each and every department in all our premises at ALTIUS.