Volgograd Deep Conversion Complex project completed

On December 10, 2014, we delivered the last piece to the Lukoil refinery in the transport project "Volgograd Deep Conversion Complex" in Volgograd (Russia).

It was the last piece of the last shipment, which totaled 12 pieces, all from Korea.

All the pieces were loaded at the Korean port of Masan and transported to Volgograd by barge from the point where they had previously been transhipped from a heavy-lifter ship.



The barge unloading operations were carried out by RO-RO operations using conventional trucks, and in addition by LO-LO operations thanks to a mobile land crane.

River transports, which passed the Volga-Donn Canal, were completed only two days before the closure of the canal due to the winter season, which was scheduled to shut down traffic on the Volga-Donn Canal between December 2014 and March 2015.

Some difficulties were encountered during the overland transports of these parts to the refinery due to icy roads, heavy snowfall and extreme cold, reaching -20°C in the last transports.

IMG_6666 IMG_6647 IMG_6626

The end result of this effort was the successful execution of all transports of this project under our scope of work - on time - without damage or incident to the full satisfaction of both parties, i.e. Lukoil and Tecnicas Reunidas - Initec.
Perhaps the most important aspect of this project was the level of cooperation, patience and teamwork required to execute the work.

With this latest delivery, ALTIUS completes the transport of all the large and heavy equipment for the upgrade of the Lukoil Refinery in Volgograd, with shipments coming from various origins, such as Korea, India, Spain, Italy, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.