Third Shipment of steel Beams (Seville, SPAIN - Glasgow, UK)


Early in March, ALTIUS PROJECTS DIVISION transported the last 28 Steel beams needed for construction of the bridge S-123 on Glasgow's M-8 motorway in the UK. The beams were 35 meters long and weighed up to 65 tons.

Loading operations took place at Esclusa Quay (Port of Seville). The beams were loaded onto a coaster vessel (gearless vessel) by shore cranes.

ALTIUS engineering team decided to stow 18x steel beams below deck to optimize the vessel's available space. The remaining 10x beams, plus one container and other smaller items, were stowed on deck.

All beams below deck were properly lashed and secured using clamping straps and wooden bars as chokers. Lashing chains were used to secure the Steel beams stowed on deck and the rest of the on-deck cargo.