Transport from FCA Marina di Carrara to CFR Damman

Altius carried out the transport of a 103-ton centrifugal compressor, with dimensions 14.5 x 5.05 x 3.85 meters, from Italy (FCA Marina di Carrara) to Saudi Arabia (Damman) for the Ras Tanura project.

Altius arranged road transportation as well from the supplier's premises, including all permit procedures, port handling, supervision of all activities, and sea transportation to Damman port, including vessel agency in KSA.

Because of the Covid19 situation, intended performing vessel was not able to guarantee agreed loading dates. This cargo was critical for the project development, so Altius promptly arranged an alternative solution by using a different vessel and two 500 ton mobile cranes to safely discharge cargo in Damman.

Altius came through on time, actually even arriving earlier than expected, to the satisfaction of our client.