Transport of Two Heat Exchangers from Italy to Scotland

Altius organized and implemented the onshore and offshore shipment of two Heat Exchangers plus accessories from the OVS Vertova manufacturing plant in Northern Italy to the Ineos Refinery located in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Cargo consisted of two main units weighing 122 mtons each, over 22 metres long x 3.35 wide x 3.50 tall, transported from Vertova to Valdaro (Mantova) river port and then loaded onto barge due to the convoys’ weight and dimensions restrictions and hindrances which partially prevented oncarriage to the Marghera loadport.

The convoys’ enroute from Vertova to Mantova encountered several maneuvering difficulties on account of narrow and winding mountain roads due precisely to the total convoys’ length of over 30 metres.

Once cargo loaded by gantry crane onto barge at Valdaro, upon two days of river navigation reached Marghera where it was loaded by 2×150 mtons each ship’s gear onto m/v “Atlantic Dawn” to sail to Grangemouth, UK port of discharge.

Liner discharge and  oncarriage by a Scheuerle Kamag K25 trailer, a special semi-trailer used over the road and then as a self-propelled in order to position both exchangers to jobsite inside the Ineos Refinery in Grangemouth, was carried out promptly and smoothly to the satisfaction of all concerned parties.