Transport from FCA Marina di Carrara to CFR Damman

Altius carried out the transport of a centrifugal compressor measuring 14.5 x 5.05 x 3.85 meters and weighing 103 tons from Italy (FCA Marina di Carrara) to Saudi Arabia (Damman) for the Ras Tanura project.

Altius was also responsible for organizing the overland journey from the supplier's premises, including licensing, port handling, supervision of all activities, and sea transport to the port of Damman, including the vessel's agency in KSA.

Due to the situation caused by the Covid19, the vessel scheduled for transport could not guarantee the planned loading dates. This cargo was critical to the development of the project, so Altius organized an alternative solution immediately, hiring another vessel and using two 500-ton mobile cranes to unload at Damman without further complications.

Despite all, Altius delivered the goods on time, so much so that they even arrived ahead of schedule, to the customer's satisfaction.